Sunday, May 18, 2008

what fenders are for

the boise river is so high and fast right now. a portion of the greenbelt near parkcenter is closed due to flooding, and on the other side of the river there’s another closed section where the path is being repaved. i was lucky riding to the mk nature center today—normally i would ride out towards BSU then take the friendship bridge and double back to the nature center, but instead i took the orange bridge route, and the path closure started just a few feet away from the entrance to the center. it’s going to be so nice when all that is resurfaced. it was getting way bumpy and crappy over there.

it was my goal today to find a caterpillar and take pictures of it, but i failed. i was a bit disappointed by the bug selection in general. i saw two butterflies, a beetle, a few bees, and a whole shitload of dead ants—it was depressing, i think they were poisoned, which seems odd and inappropriate considering it’s a goddamn nature center. ants are the only bugs that really creep me the fuck out, but seeing whole piles of them lying there dead with only a few live ones scurrying around all confused and scared…it made me so sad. i watched one ant carry the carcass of a big dead spider. this teensy tiny little ant, and the spider was probably five times its size, but it was totally hauling ass. the pictures didn’t turn out very well, unfortunately. i got some good shots of other stuff though. i was surprised how nice the trout pictures looked—it was quite dark, reflections were totally messing with my focus and obscuring my view, and the glass i had to shoot through was gunky and gross from child hand-smear. blech.

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