Monday, January 19, 2009

mccall in winter

it was gorgeous in mccall this weekend. driving up there we passed right through the inversion that’s hanging above us here in boise. the sun was so intense in the mountains.

the snow was above andy’s head! but it was heavy with a thick crust so he could galumph through it pretty easily. at first he needed coaxing, so i told him there was a kitty kitty and he dove right in.

he went snowshoeing with me! until i fell on my ass and froze and went back inside. who falls snowshoeing? honestly.

even lucy was able to make it up into the snow, but not easily.

after a long cold day in the snow andy likes to curl up right next to the wood stove and basically cook himself.

i was checking out the spaces in between these logs…this part of the cabin was built the 1930s, and another part was added on recently, so the logs used to be outside but now they form a wall in the kitchen, living room and dining room. and stuffed in between for insulation i found pine needles, burlap, mud, and all kinds of miscellaneous crap.

my mom made an icicle-tini.

i blew on my lens to create a neat misty effect.

here we are dipping back beneath the inversion…yuck. at least i got a few nice days of sunlight.

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