Sunday, January 11, 2009

recent craftiness

this is tummybox, the lunch box monster. she started her life as a brand new insulated metal lunchbox with a picture of some shitty band on the front, which someone donated to idaho youth ranch, evidently failing to recognize her monstrous potential. i scratched up the metal, glued down some faux fur and painted a couple fangs on the handle/lips. at first i was going to add big googlie eyes but i thought the rivets and metal clasp looked neat instead, sort of like three tiny spider eyes with a wee rectangular nose. in these photos she’s resting on my gorillapod, so the legs are not actually part of the construction.

i needed to cover up some embroidered letters on this sweatshirt, so i copied the microcosm publishing chainring heart design and printed this patch:

and that got me started making more patches. voluntary human extinction movement—may we live long and die out!:

i used the scrabble tile pendant technique to apply a picture to this big chunky wooden ring: had some fabulous colored bike chain that i made into bracelets:

instead of wrapping presents in disposable wrap, this year for christmas i sewed a reusable bag for each gift. it’s a good thing i started in october because it took forever—not only did i make the bags but a lot of the gifts themselves were handmade, so it took months to finish everything. i ended up putting together roughly 50-60 bags, mostly out of brocades. then i used scrap yarn to tie most of them, and printed little wallet-sized photos to use as tags. the gifts pictured here are only the ones i gave my parents and grandma—i wish i’d gotten a picture of all the bags together, it would’ve been huge.

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