Sunday, January 25, 2009


this is the li’l one responsible for munching on about $25 worth of nutrition bars. plus s/he (they?) got into the dog food. i brought andy into the garage and he totally freaked out, he couldn’t find the mouse but he could definitely tell it was there. so i set up this “live mouse trap” that i got for xmas, and about an hour later we had one very confused and adorable mouse!

i found the trap on it might seem like kind of a silly thing to buy, since you’d think it would be easy enough to make your own no-kill mouse trap, but i don’t advise it. once i made one out of a bowl, a baking tray and some toothpicks: it worked perfectly the first time, but the second time the mouse must have set it off with its tail because the bowl fell down and broke its back. i was completely devastated. no more homemade mouse-catching devices ever again! plus this one worked so damn well. the only downside is that it’s really small. but if you check it often enough and let the captives out quickly i guess it’s alright.

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