Sunday, October 11, 2009

crafty times

i'm still on this sort of cleaning rampage, so i cleaned and organized my craft area.

i sorted my fabrics, got rid of some, and stacked them in categories (faux furs, vinyls, knits, silkies, calicos, etc.)'s way easier to find what i want now, and i uncovered a lot of pieces i'd forgotten about.

i even cleaned out all these annoying little drawers that are normally jammed with crap and covered in loose threads from spools and bobbins that i allow to unravel themselves. every drawer has a specific theme now, with the exception of one jumbled, catch-all drawer. side note: i discovered that polymer clay, when left in contact with clear plastic for a long time, melts the plastic and fuses to it.

this is heinz. she was a birthday present for my mom, who turned 57 a couple weeks ago (hence the name "heinz.")

heinz came with us to mccall to celebrate my mom's birthday. my parents left a few days before i did, so i set her up on their car's steering wheel to drive them home.

^i made this monkey for my aunt mary on her birthday, which was about a month ago. so now my mom and her two sisters each have a matching (but personalized) sock monkey.

i've been churning out monkeys like crazy lately. this is my first commissioned monkey, for a friend of my dad's, finished about a week ago. after the sock monkey bra i made on wednesday i have only one pair of red heel socks left, but i have a bunch of other types of socks that i think i'll try for some variety.

this is a giant comforter (about seven feet by nine feet) that i'd been meaning to put together for years. i bought the blue quilted fabric while i was still working at joann's--i was pretty in love with it for a long time, but it was like $15 a yard, until one night i was signing a new ad and i scanned the bolt and suddenly it was on clearance for $6/yd! not only that, but the next day there was a half-off sale on clearance fabric. so rather than being a responsible, ethical employee and putting a clearance sticker on the bolt, i came back the next day and bought the whole damn thing--over 8 yards. the manager gave me kind of a funny look when she rang it up, so i explained, and she just laughed. i used a couple yards to make a skirt, and the remaining six went to this blanket.

^lucifur enjoys the new blanket very much. putting it together was one of the things that inspired me to organize my fabrics, because it made a lot of room on the shelves. i finally got rid of the huge package of batting i was saving for it, so that made even more space.

^this bag was floating around my craft area, about 60% finished, for a few years. neon green and pink aren't really my colors anymore, but i finished it off anyway, and i like it pretty well.

this was a plain little tray table that i bought at a thrift store a while ago. i painted it and glued on these corkboard teapot cut-outs my friend bethany gave me, then sponge painted and varnished. now it's a cute tea table.

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