Monday, October 12, 2009

decide to walk with me

andy and i drove around payette lake in mccall in late september. it was already looking a lot like fall, and the weather turned while we were there, from 80 degree temperatures one day to 50 degrees the next. one day it even started snowing just a bit.

we stopped at a bunch of places to take hikes during our lake loop. andy is the best little adventure buddy. he's so damned enthusiastic about everything, so curious and energetic and engaged. taking a walk is absolutely his favorite thing in the world. he refuses to eat food if there's some notion that he's about to go for a walk; he reads my mind and knows when i'm thinking about taking him somewhere, then he freaks out and whines and nudges me with his nose until i get his leash on. it's an obsession for him.
also, he never gets tired on a walk, hardly even slows down to any noticeable degree, even if we've been walking for hours. of course when we get home he collapses and sleeps forever, but i have a feeling that even in that worn-out state he'd jump at the chance to take another walk.

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