Saturday, February 20, 2010

crocus pocus

i found this little purple surprise in my front yard today. first crocus of the year! amazing, it’s not even march yet. spring officially starts a month from now.

i found a few other flowers getting ready to bloom also...

and the bleeding heart plant is sending up shoots:

they look like creatures you’d find on the sea floor.

daffodil bulbs have caught up with their tulip friends.

and one of the morning glory seeds i planted a few days ago (indoors, of course) is sprouting already.

i planted them in a thrifted teapot.

i love growing things in teapots, especially when it’s something like wheatgrass that can sprout out of the spout.

i’m excited for tomorrow afternoon--i’m going with my friends laura and andrea to see the vagina monologues! it’s tradition for laura and me, i think this is our fourth time going, but andrea’s never been before. i dug out all my vag-happy buttons to wear. "it's 10 o' you know where your clitoris is?"

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