Monday, February 1, 2010

vegetarian times “cream” of asparagus soup with fried potato shreds

i love this recipe, but i think it’s under-seasoned. i added garlic powder and some fresh ground pepper. also, i didn’t have any fresh thyme, so i used dried.

on top i piled some fried potato shreds and asparagus tips. here are some instructions for making the shreds:

julienne a peeled potato. this can be accomplished with a julienne peeler, or you can use a regular vegetable peeler then stack the peels and cut into thin strips lengthwise. place the shreds in a bath of ice water.

in a medium skillet, heat olive oil to about 375 degrees.

drain the shreds and blot them dry using paper towels. add them to the oil in small batches; try not to bunch them up or they’ll want to turn into hash browns. fry until golden brown, gently stirring and separating them constantly.

drain the shreds on paper towels and add salt and pepper.

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