Friday, February 19, 2010

women's bean project golden cornbread

last night i baked delicious golden cornbread with help from a woman named michelle. the women’s bean project is a denver-based nonprofit that “employs women who have experienced chronic unemployment, poverty, or difficult life situations.” they put together pre-measured mixes to make soup, cornbread, brownies, dips, and lots of other comestibles; each package is signed by the woman who assembled it.

of course it would be simple enough (and extremely cheap) to whip up a batch of cornbread from scratch, or to put together a bean soup; but like their website says, “it’s not about the beans.” i think it’s a great cause. and many of the mixes are vegan--they might call for eggs or milk to be added, which can easily be substituted, but the mix itself often has no animal products. as far as i know they’re not organic, though, which might be a problem for some people, especially these days when it’s safe to assume any wheat you buy that isn’t labeled organic is genetically modified.

in boise, a variety of women’s bean project items are available at dunia marketplace (formerly ten thousand villages) in hyde park. you can also order from their website.


Diana said...

thanks for posting on the Bean Project! I get Google alerts when someone writes about us...and it just so happens that I'm from Boise!

As for your organic question, many of our soup mixes are, but since not every product made in our facility is, it was getting difficult for us to keep up the certification.

Diana Lachiondo
Director of Development
Women's Bean Project

Emily said...

oh awesome! good to know about the organic content.