Monday, May 31, 2010

fosse and family

there are at least two, possibly three or more snakes living in the garden. i did a lot of work behind the fence yesterday, chopping down tall grasses and weeding in preparation for planting, and i noticed the snake i saw a couple weeks ago watching me...i decided to name it fosse, in honor of bob fosse’s memorable performance as the snake in “the little prince.” later i almost lopped a snake in half with the hedge shears...a much smaller one, it was up off the ground slithering through grasses and came within an inch of being chopped. after that i was much more careful.

it’s prime snake territory back there, with all the grasses and easy access to water and plenty of sunlight...i kept running into them all afternoon, almost stepping on one.


Tammi Thiele said...

Beautiful snake. I'm glad Im not the only one who tries not to kill them.

Jessica said...

I love the photos, the green, the plants, the ambition of looking for seeds, the yoga sock monkey! Keep us posted on sock monkey rehab. Also, good to know you loved Kingsolver's book. I started it, but have been too busy grading student papers or reading about bees or growing grub to make much headway.

Emily said...

jessica--thank you for motivating me to finally rehabilitate the poor monkey. i think you’ll love “animal, vegetable, miracle.”