Friday, May 14, 2010

the red army

i released 1200 ladybugs into the garden. they’re on aphid patrol. i’m determined to crowd out the bugs whose interests conflict with mine--i won’t call them pests, or “bad bugs”...they can’t help wanting to eat, and i can’t help not wanting to kill them or use chemicals, so i’ve brought in mercenaries to do my dirty work.

i’ve hardly seen any aphids yet this year and i was afraid the ladies might be unable to find food and move on to greener pastures, but it’s been two days now and a lot of them seem to be sticking around.

there was a two-foot-long garter snake hanging out by the creek this afternoon. i was watering and it came out and looked at me for a bit, then returned to the grasses when andy came to investigate. it looked well-fed. i hope it will stick around and eat some slugs and earwigs and other plant-munchers, but stay away from the frogs, worms, spiders, and of course ladybugs...if i see it again i’ll ask it to kindly avoid eating my friends.


JJ Beazley said...

I do hope you got your lady bugs (we call them ladybirds over here) from a reputable source. Britain has been invaded by a species called the Harlequin. They take different guises, imitating other species, and their favourite food is - other ladybirds.

Emily said...

that sounds awful. yeah, i bought them from a very trustworthy local source.