Monday, May 23, 2011

river walk, late may

the boise river has been high enough to flood parts of the greenbelt for almost two months now. here are some pictures from early april:

and from a different section of the path, yesterday:

someone cobbled together a makeshift walkway out of cottonwood bark. i watched a guy try to negotiate it, unsuccessfully. here’s a much deeper area:

there’s a strong current sweeping the river across the path into logger’s creek. it’s probably over a foot at the deepest.

if it were up to andy we’d just keep going, but sandals + water + rough sand and gravel = blisters.

he’s such a river rat. he especially loves the shallow flooded areas because he can prance around in the water rather than having to paddle with his stubby little snausage dog legs.

i was surprised to see floaters out already. doesn’t it look like summer?

logger’s creek is about an inch shy of flooding a main entrance to the path.

the mute swans hatched their new brood--only three cygnets, much fewer than last year.

i’m still keeping an eye on the currants. they should ripen in a few weeks.


GoneferalinID said...

I am definitely having a problem with your blog feed- i missed the last two posts! andy looks so cute on his snausage legs in the water.

Emily said...

hehe, you should see him swim. he gets the funniest look on his face.