Tuesday, May 17, 2011

salad days of spring

it’s salad season in a big way, and i’m raking in the greens.

may is halfway over and i’ve only written three posts this month...unfortunate. there’s so much going on. i’d like to do a proper garden update one of these days, maybe tomorrow. thanks everyone who left a comment on my last post--i’m hoping blogger will fix its business and restore them all so i can respond.


Kim and Victoria said...

Just look at those greens! Wow.
We each ate one radish yesterday, still need to wait a bit for the rest but they're coming along. We've been eating lettuce for weeks now and I've cut chard twice. It's exciting for us since it's all coming out of our cold frame for the first time.

Vetsy said...

Emily your salads look divine! Those little radishes are the cutest. I like that container you designed to grow those greens in, what a neat idea! I'll have to do that in the future...Thank you for stopping by.

Bumble Lush (A Garden Blog) said...

Hey Emily, your greens look great! I especially like the shots with the water droplets; everything looks so fresh and yummy. Do you cover them (am looking at the 6th picture down)?

GoneferalinID said...

Yay,radishes! I've been the laziest blogger this spring.

Potted Farm said...

Those photos are all... delicious, for lack of a better term.

Emily said...

victoria--that is exciting! what fun to have a cold frame. my chard is growing slow.

vetsy--thank you! the container is an old wooden table with holes drilled in it, built up with wooden sides kind of like a raised bed. it's pretty simple and works great for shallow-rooted stuff.

bumble lush--yep, i bought a few yards of tulle from the fabric shop to cover those beds because otherwise it would be a bird buffet. also it helps keep the leafminers away from my spinach. i drive long aluminum knitting needles into each corner of the bed and stretch the tulle from one end to the other, securing it with little clamps, so it floats a few inches above the tops of the plants.

goneferal--me too. i keep thinking of things i want to write about and not having time to do it.

potted farm--hehe, thanks, i'm glad my photos taste good to you.