Wednesday, June 15, 2011

gggarden in early june

things are mostly looking good over at the feudal garden. most of the beans and squash are up--these photos are from a week ago, so it probably looks more filled-in now. something mysterious happened with the carrots--dozens of them had sprouted, but then they vanished completely, without a trace. we replaced them with nasturtiums and beets, and we seeded the area under the trellis with two types of lettuce.


lots of beautiful irises,


random mystery potato that came up amongst the beans,

mystery squash--sprouted out of some unfinished compost that was spread on the beds, so we transplanted them and let them grow,

root veggies bed--potatoes taking over,


and we had our first harvest: garlic scapes.

last year it seemed like these were kind of a trendy new food people were getting turned on to, but i haven’t heard much about them this year.

i made pesto with scapes, fresh parsley and basil from my garden, three large ice cubes of homegrown basil i froze last summer, cashews and nutritional yeast. it was so yummy.


Kim and Victoria said...

Great pics. Things are lookin' good.

Emily said...

thanks! i went back yesterday and everything's doubled in size.