Thursday, April 5, 2012



minerva, a.k.a. "minnie," a rhode island white;

wynonna, a.k.a. "wynnie," a barred leghorn;

and printemps, a.k.a. "prinnie," an ancona.

andy's being very well behaved. he's fascinated by them. in this photo jeanne's letting him get familiar with wynnie.

i pick up the chicks one at a time and hold them out for andy to "taste the baby," he sniffs and licks them. i'm hoping he'll be one of those cool dogs who let chickens walk all over them, literally--it's hilarious when chickens perch on other animals.


Katherine Baluta said...

Happiness. I remember well the wonderful sound they make hopping about talking to the world constantly. They'll follow you through the garden picking up bugs and things while you weed, and I hope they'll be great company for Andy.

GoneferalinID said...

Yay! How cute. I had to show Kyle all you photos.

Bee Girl said...

Oh yes! So super cute! Ours are already so big...I kinda wish we could get some little ones again ;-) Enjoy them!

Kim and Victoria said...

Your new chicks are so cute! We pick ours up tomorrow, I can't wait.
We let our dog become accustomed to our first set of chicks and she tried to play with them, eventually settling down to a mutual arrangement in the backyard; you let me alone and I'll leave you alone. Of course that didn't always work. The hens are naturally curious and also the "top" hen tends to think the back yard is hers, so they have had their skirmishes, but no one's been hurt.