Sunday, April 22, 2012

happy spring!

91 degrees out today!! a new record. and it was 82 yesterday. what an amazing weekend. i got so much done: planted raspberries, potatoes, asparagus, some herbs and vining flower seeds; started a bunch more seeds; helped a friend move into her wonderful new house (and she gave me the loveseat pictured above); went thrifting and antiquing and found way too much cool stuff; made a lot of progress with unpacking and got my sewing machine set up. everything is green and in full bloom all of a sudden; my peas and onions are up, lilacs are beginning to pop and the apple tree is full of flowers. the chickens are ready to go out in their coop, at least during the daytime, once i finish cleaning it. such an exciting time of year!


Kim and Victoria said...

With your red coop I'd leave that couch outside! Ha ha!

Emily said...

yes, that's where it lives! it was her dog's couch so it's already a little messed up.