Monday, April 30, 2012

return of the munchie patch

 so far i've planted: asparagus, potatoes, raspberries, garlic, nasturtiums, pansies, rosemary, parsley, marigolds, purple kohlrabi, purple broccoli, dinosaur kale, red russian kale, swiss chard, chioggia beets, detroit dark red beets, purple plum radishes, sparkler radishes, strawberries, onions and peas. i've barely made a dent in the garden space.

 this weekend i tore up the front flower bed. it was a mess. i uncovered an overgrown old brick border, tore out lots of weeds, divided some very compacted tulip bulbs and planted a border of them alternating with freesia bulbs. the rest of the bed is going to be calendula, cumin and nasturtiums. the gladiolus bulbs along the driveway just came up, and next to them i'm going to plant a line of teddy bear dwarf sunflowers.

 i'm growing a centerpiece herb pot with basil, parsley and thyme. i got this idea from 36th street bistro, they have little pots of herbs on their outdoor tables for you to pick and add to your food.

 i'm really excited about these peas. they're golden sweet peas that i picked up at a seed swap earlier this year. the first i heard about them was in this fascinating blog post. i love how the flowers turn from pink to purple to blue, and i love the history behind them.

 this is a hahms gelbe topftomate plant, it only grows to about a foot tall and has little yellow cherry tomatoes. over two dozen green tomatoes on it now! i grew one of these on the windowsill over the winter too, it did pretty well.

 the poppies in the front yard are so close to popping!


Kim and Victoria said...

That's a great list of veggies! We ate our first radishes of the year today, grown in our cold frame. They were delicious. We have a few things planted, can't wait to do more. Love the teddy bear sunflowers, I'll have to do more of them some year.

Emily said...

that's wonderful, congrats on the radishes!

LJB said...

I love the idea of centerpiece herbs!

The Stay @ Home-Gardener said...

A gardener whom is an actual photography enthusiast that blogs is a wonderful mixture. :) I'm rather partial to that combination myself.