Monday, July 2, 2012

harvests, volunteers and mini vacations

 yesterday i spent about 5 hours weeding the garden and filled an entire garbage can with leafy detritus. while weeding i uncovered dozens of volunteer mystery tomatillo and tomato seedlings! i'm letting them all grow even though i have no clue what varieties they could be. i was disappointed that i never got tomatillos started this spring so this makes me happy.

 they even planted themselves in good places. i updated my 2012 growing list, adding in all the volunteers and subtracting some failures (major earwig problems over here--i lost tons of seedlings.)

 these sunflowers are another welcome group of volunteers. i never got around to planting any sunflower seeds this year, lameness, but these seem like they're going to be awesome. there's eight of them scattered around and they all have many many buds.

 first squash of the summer!

 and first ripe *red* tomatoes came in last week, including this doubleton.

 i'm still getting lots of golden sweet peas, but most of them don't make it in front of the camera.

 albino alpine strawberries are trickling in at about one wee mouthful per week.

 i planted my kales too close together but they're doing well anyway. in front you can see the bush beans coming up.

 asparagus berries? the asparagus patch is going gangbusters. once the seeds mature i'll plant them to try to help it expand.

 here's something i don't think i've ever posted about before. it's a weird little tomato relative called "naranjilla" ("little orange" in spanish; a.k.a. "lulo"). it's my first year growing this. the seeds take over a month to germinate, the plant likes heat but not direct sunlight, doesn't like wind, takes an extremely long season, and the thorns are absolutely EVIL. why even grow it?

 because look how cool!! and it's a fun challenge. i've never tasted naranjilla fruit before. i can't wait. they look a bit like fuzzy persimmons. here's a picture from jungle garden:

 i harvested a 4+ foot tall volunteer lamb's quarters yesterday. jason's been juicing the leaves for green smoothies lately. so we pulled up the whole plant and put it in a tub of water, then he drove off with it in the back of his truck--it looked like a christmas tree!

 cam and i went cherry picking at an organic cherry/plum/apple orchard in emmett saturday morning. between the two of us we picked about 10lbs of bing cherries, and at only $1/lb we probably should've done more. but it was a little weird for me, being so used to foraging. dozens of short little trees loaded with gobs of perfectly ripe fruit within easy reach--i told her i felt like a hunter shooting animals at the zoo. still fun though, and we had a lovely picnic under a cherry tree.

 i have one day of work left this week. i decided to take thursday and friday off to have a nice five-day vacation during which i hope to do as much nothing as possible. i might go up to mccall to watch the fireworks on the lake. other than that i intend to laze around in the garden, read, take pictures, and watch the entirety of netflix.

happy july!


GoneferalinID said...

Those spiky leaves look like eggplant leaves, spines and all. If you stay in town Wed. I have the day off if you want a visit. I can't believe your tomato harvest.

The Stay @ Home-Gardener said...

Hooray for volunteers, Emily! Those white strawberries are yummy too. Ours are really coming on with the maturing fruit and more flowers. Pretty impressive considering they started from seed a few months back. :D Beautiful photos!

Bumble Lush Kitchen Garden said...

I love the double tomato! I like weeding. I get a nice feeling of accomplishment after I finish. ANd what a nice surprise--volunteer tomatoes and tomatillos!

Enjoy your vacation!

Emily said...

goneferal--yeah, they're a bit like eggplant leaves, but the spines are way more brutal. i might end up sticking around tomorrow, i'll text you if i stay in town.

stay @ home gardener--that's awesome about your strawberries! i started a couple from seed too, but didn't get them going until late spring so they're not so big yet.

bumble lush--thanks! yeah, weeding can be fun. i felt very accomplished sunday afternoon. still, i'd rather not have any weeds in the first place.

ilana ddias said...
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Bee Girl said...

Volunteers are the best! I hope you get a few tomatillos after all :-)

Emily said...

thanks bee girl! i think i will. last year they didn't set fruit until really late in the season anyway.