Monday, February 23, 2009

crafty care packages

my friend bethany moved a few hours north a couple years ago, and since then we haven’t traded birthday or xmas or any other we decided to remedy that with some boxes full o’ crafts. it all started with this li’l monkey:

i named her prunella, after a character in a really cool fairy tale. bethany’s been making these amigurumi creatures like crazy lately, and she offered to make me one, and then i was like “i should make you something too!” and then we both set off on this month-long quest to make as many fun presents for each other as we possibly could. we also decided to blog about it as soon as we got them.

she sent me so many thoughtful and awesome (and tasty!) things! the only thing that didn’t make it into the photos was a rock candy stick…that was devoured about two minutes after i opened the package.

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be said...

you rock, emily:)