Saturday, February 14, 2009

rummy table!

for my birthday my aunt sent me a book called “the big ass book of crafts,” and one of the projects is to cover the top of a table with dominoes. i love the idea, and i wanted to carry it out exactly, but i couldn’t find enough dominoes at the thrift stores. all i found were little white ones (that are actually quite nice and i will eventually use for something else) and black wooden ones with colored dots. there weren’t nearly enough of either variety for a whole tabletop, or even a design within the tabletop.

however, i did find these amazing vintage rummy tiles. they’re quite old--from the packaging i would guess 1960s at the latest. and they were brand new! the package was slightly opened but you could tell the tiles had never been touched, they were all lined up in order and most of them were still under the original plastic wrapping that hadn’t been peeled back all the way. they came inside a mini-briefcase along with four wooden tile holders that i’ll eventually use for something else.

i wanted to do an entirely red and black color scheme on the table, so i left off all the blue and yellow rummy tiles. which means i have a wealth of tiles to use for jewelry making! it’s perfect because i was just starting to run low on (and get tired of the limiting size of) those little wooden scrabble-tile-ish things.

savers also had two green folding tv tables--i bought them both. this one i painted black, and the other one i’m thinking of doing in rainbow, if my service learning group ends up doing an art auction for the community center for our final service project, which i hope we’ll do. then i’ll cover the top in rainbow print fabric and/or rhinestones and sequins and other fun little bits. otherwise i’ll wait until i get some dominoes and cover the entire tabletop with them instead. i have plans for a tarot card table too…why have i never thought of table decorating before? it’s so much fun. next i'll do chairs!

lots of good finds at the thrift stores yesterday. i scored a nice wooden chess set for my parents, a very old star d camera tripod that seems to work, a few photography books, and these rubber stamps. i’ve never been interested in scrapbooking or card-crafting, but these stamps might change that…they’re so interesting and detailed. i’ve never seen anything like them at joann’s--it almost seems like they’re handmade, because the rubber part is attached to very obviously hand-cut blocks of wood, and there isn’t a brand on them anywhere.

this was an exciting find. it has googley eyes!

engrish! i’ll never wear this shirt, it’s so hideous, but i couldn’t resist.


Anonymous said...

i love that table, it's soooo groovy!! :) x

be said...

you are seriously fantastic. i love all your finds and creations! awesome!