Saturday, February 21, 2009

toucha toucha toucha touch me!

last night i stayed up much later than i should have and ended up getting way dizzy and delirious. i made an impulse purchase of a new cell phone...a fancy touch-screen one. my beloved two-year-old lg clamshell is finally showing signs of crapping out, and since i love this phone so much i was going to buy a new one of the same exact model, but then i saw the lg mouth started watering. or maybe i briefly fell asleep and was drooling. either way it’s a damn cool phone and i ordered one on the spot. in a moment of clarity i thought i might regret the purchase upon waking today, but i don’t.

today was another lovely springy day. the high was 52. it’s katherine’s birthday so we went out thrifting—she found some good clothes and this gross pair of freaky rubber underwear that she’s going to try selling on ebay. i found a huge tin of dominoes, a little kid’s spiderman chair that i’m going to paint over and turn into a plant stand, a book of essays and photos called “women in wilderness,” and some clothes.

afterwards we went to lunch at the shangri-la and talked out our poetry frustrations. we ordered fairy flower tea, which is still the best tea in the universe, and also experimented with a new one...i think it was called fruit and root? something like that. not nearly as tasty. she had the mushroom miso soup:

i had teriyaki tofu (which was mysteriously gone before i could take a picture), and the blessed pita plate:

then we went to fred meyers in search of plants. their garden center isn’t quite open yet, but we both got some wee little potted plants that were 2 for $3. i planted mine in a fishbowl terrarium along with two different types of moss that i pilfered from neighbors yards.

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