Friday, February 20, 2009

downtown in the morning

this was a rare scene. i somehow became mostly conscious at around 6:30 this morning (after going to bed at 3), dressed myself up all fancy and conservative-like (!), and drove (quite dangerously) to the old ada county courthouse to sit in on a hearing to amend the idaho human rights act to include protection for GLBT individuals. it didn’t pass of course, and i heard only one democrat bothered to show up for the vote, but there was a huge showing of support from the community. i got there a few minutes before it started and there was already overflow into the hall, most of us never even got to peek inside the room. overall it was a disappointment, exactly what i expected.

i like the old ada county courthouse because of how hard it is for me to say, and how close i come to saying “ada cunty cowt-house,” or even better, “ada cowty cunt-house,” every time i attempt it. especially when i’m this drunk with tiredness.

after the hearing i wandered around and took pictures downtown. the weather was sooo gorgeous!

when i was riding to school yesterday i saw the first butterfly of the season! i have no idea what it intends to eat since nothing’s bloomed yet, but it looked fluttery and alive. i also ran into a very small, two-spotted ladybug friend who rode my pantsleg indoors. now it’s living on a basil plant in the kitchen.


be said...

every blog you write entirely fascinates me.
i love your photography.

PeaceLily said...

aww thank you!