Friday, March 27, 2009

creature quadruple feature

this has been one of those rare days where i’m actually patient enough to hand-sew things, so i’ve taken full advantage by making a number of monstrosities. first we have cuddle-monster:

cuddle-monster will kill you with kindness. or genital blood-draining. next we have a cycloptic socksquatch:

socksquatch was initially going to be a socktopus, then it was going to be a sock monkey, but neither of those was meant to be. i used the scraps from socksquatch to make mini mutant monkey magnet (a.k.a. “mmmm”), who has a tiny but strong magnet inside the tip of each limb:

up against the wall, monster!

monkey bars! how many dumb jokes can i make in one post? also check out the sparkly vinyl seat cover i made a few days ago. no more carrying around protective plastic bags for me!

the following creature was actually made a couple weeks ago, for my friend amber’s birthday. i don’t know its name, but it’s wearing the best pair of monkey ears i’ve ever made.

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