Saturday, March 14, 2009

goods and/or services

i’m not actually starting a business, but i decided to print some business cards. i would’ve done it a long time ago if i had known how cheap they are. i had some made for my mom, too, along with a door magnet and pen and address labels to advertise this new website thing she started. vistaprint is so inexpensive and convenient, i love it.

sometime in the next couple months, the culminating project of my service learning with TCC is taking place. it’s going to be a big silent art/craft auction. i’ve already made about a gazillion pieces for it, so i’m thinking i’ll attach these business cards to those pieces and get my name out there a little bit. or i could just use these cards my aunt had made for me when i was a little one:

but damn, they don’t have my contact info on them. here’s one of the crafts i’ve been mass-producing for the auction:

i hope they’ll be popular. i know rainbow is kind of obvious and cliché but a lot of people in boise are pretty into pride, i think they’ll go well. here’s the piece i’m really proud of:

i altered “the lovers” tarot card so that both of the lovers are female. i was going to do a guy one too, but i discovered that in photoshop, as in life, it’s easier to dig a hole than build a pole. i’m probably also going to use this image for the postcards i’m making to advertise the auction…but first we need to nail down a venue. my group applied at the modern hotel for the first thursday art show thing but there were a lot of applications, so we might not get a room.

speaking of sex change operations, i’ve been reading middlesex, and it is awesome. i randomly ran into one of my ex-significant others the other day, one who i haven’t seen in like three years, and a few nights after the encounter i had a middlesex-related dream about him. in the dream he was transitioning and he wanted me to call him “amy.” i’m getting coffee with him tomorrow so i’m probably going to have to tell him “i had a middlesex dream about you” and see how he reacts. this coffee experience is going to be awkward no matter what, so i might as well have fun with it.


fishintree said...

nice blog, keep velorutioning!

Balutakat said...

the lovers looks great.