Monday, March 30, 2009

sewing to keep from writing

i have two articles due on wednesday. it's been stressing me out all week. and when i'm actively procrastinating i tend to be much more productive in anything but the thing i need to be doing.

one of the articles is kind of exciting's about mccall's snowdon wildlife sanctuary. today i finally got my shit together and did a phone interview with the woman who runs it. she's an extremely friendly and awesome person and we had a very interesting conversation about the work she does. in a way i'm looking forward to writing the article, but in a way i'm still pretty stressed out, which is why i'm here posting pictures and writing bullshit rather than article.

i made the tiniest sock monkey ever--it's only about 1 1/2" tall, and it's got a magnet in its belly.

this is a monkey i made for my aunt for her upcoming birthday. she lives in australia, and my mom is going to visit her next week so she's bringing the monkey along. i'm trying to convince her to take pictures of the monkey in all the airports--although who knows, that might arouse suspicion. anyway, it will be a very well-travelled monkey, photographic evidence or no.

this is a painting i did the other day. i have a few other half-finished paintings and other projects and i'm afraid it will take me forever to finish them once i no longer have these articles hanging over my head for motivation.

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