Friday, March 20, 2009

happy spring equinox/international earth day!

it's officially springtime! and it could not be more gorgeous. i went on a walk and a bike ride wearing a tshirt! the windows have been open all day and a little while ago the temperature inside was 67...amazing.

my mom and i went to the flower & garden show at the grove earlier. i got a beautiful orchid plant and a praying mantis egg sac. i can't wait for it to hatch. i hope i actually get to see it...there's supposed to be like 200 little babies. so exciting!

my mom's getting a compost tumbler for her retirement present from work. she didn't exactly retire, she got laid off, but she was still eligible for some retirement benefits i guess. she's been ordering little plants from some mail order catalogue--she got a blueberry plant and two pomegranite plants today. we're going to clear a patch of land out by the creek that runs through the back yard and plant rows and rows of vegetables once the weather's warm enough.

i need to locate some damned alfalfa seeds. so far no luck anywhere...i probably have to try the co-op. at savers the other day i scored a fabulous biosnacky 3-tiered sprout tray for only $2. it was a little incredible, i was checking out this very same kind online just a day or two before, completely scandalized by the prices. i never thought i'd find one used.

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Balutakat said...

don't forget to try and move your little friends far away from each other - they cannibalize! I'd be happy to buy a couple from you. I'll put one in each corner of the yard. I didn't see a pod from our rosebush mama last year, although I looked around carefully.