Tuesday, August 25, 2009

bike parade (tour de fat boise 2009)

i think this year had the best costumes ever. it seemed like a higher turnout too.

i decided not to go on the bike parade. i got to the park just as it was starting, and my knee was mysteriously hurting and i wasn't in costume, so i just stood around and took pictures. i'm glad because i got a ton of great ones.

^these guys...serious dedication to the cause. i could never ride in a costume like that. especially on a bike with such small, low handlebars. a cruiser would have been much more practical.

^The Gnome was wearing his slow ride champion belt from two years ago.

i don't know who this person is supposed to be, but it's another example of great dedication. i saw her later and she was sweating so much, but her makeup still looked perfect. she was interviewed on the news too.


Balutakat said...

The person in blue is a Blue Meany from the Beatles movie Yellow Submarine - a really good costume! You also got great pictures of my friends Merin and Brandon, she's in the fox mask. I'm sending them the link, they'll love it.

Emily said...

oh awesome. yeah, reed told me it was the blue meanie...i haven't seen that movie since i was a little, little kid so i had no idea.

Dameon said...

It is I! The Blue Meanie! Uh, you should know, that when I typed in Tour de Fat Blue Meanie in google, yours is the first link, cool huh.

Heh, I looked because, well, Tour de Fat 2010 was today, and I wanted to be all conceited and try and find myself. Anyway, you take great pictures, good job!

Emily said...

oh hello blue meanie! i'm so glad you stopped by! yours is one of my favorite costumes at tour de fat, especially now that i'm not so ignorant about what it is.

i hope you come by again...i have another batch of photos from this year's and i'm pretty sure i got a few of you. they'll be up on here this week sometime. leave your email if you want me to send you high-res versions.

Dameon said...

Ooh! That would be cool! My email is RachelHoppie@u.boisestate.edu

Thank you for that! :)