Tuesday, August 25, 2009

tour de fat boise 2009!

finally! the last/first post of my tour de fat photos. either i'm taking better pictures or i'm getting worse at narrowing them down, because this is a whole goddamn lot more than i posted for last year's event. after these first two random collections, each following post is a particular performance or something, in order according to the schedule of the day.

i put "tour de fat boise 2009" in every title so that hopefully people are able to search for and find these...i wanted to show everyone whose picture i took their own photo(s), but obviously that's not possible. i think i might make up photo CDs for some of the performers though--at least for the sprockettes, and possibly one to send to new belgium.

^here's the schedule. i have a post to correspond with pretty much every event except for sean hayes, whom i didn't find that interesting (especially when i found out he was not the guy from will and grace, because what the hell kind of entertainment would sean hayes from will and grace provide, i was all curious when i saw his name on the list, so maybe i'm biased against sean hayes the singer for that reason), and the finale, because i left just before it ended.

^i don't think i can explain why, but i love it when people wear masks this way. i really do.

^there was a whole mess of gnomes this year. i don't approve. at least The Gnome was wearing his old slow ride champion belt so i could tell him apart.

^i did not intend to make these people look like they're naked and having an outdoor orgy, but i'm not unhappy that it turned out this way.

^a woman dressed up as johnny depp?

this guy was a road warrior. his costume was awesome except... he was wearing a bulbous, pink rubber butt. it must add some dimension to the ensemble the significance of which escapes me. it is kind of an ironic costume to wear to a celebration of bikes that shuns motorized transport, so maybe he was making an extra little statement in case the irony was not apparent.

fun times with a funhouse mirror...except the surface of the mirror was all (*gag*) gunky from (*gag*) children. the grossness kinda messed up the photos. you can practically see the germs crawling around and multiplying in the slimy film of drool and hand-leavings. i kept my distance.

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