Wednesday, August 25, 2010

ample harvest--spread the word

beki parham (idaho foodbank’s community garden coordinator) sent me an email today about, a new project that connects gardeners who enjoy a surplus of food with organizations that can make use of and distribute that food to community members in need.

i’m not nearly to the point where my garden’s producing bucketloads of extras, but i can see that possibly happening next month, and i wouldn’t be surprised if a few other garden bloggers are faced with the same happy dilemma. so this seems like a really great resource. pass it on! if anyone else wants to put up some info about this on their blog, here’s a paragraph from the idaho foodbank that you can copy and paste or paraphrase:

Have extra produce and a desire to help your neighbor? In an effort to keep produce donation as local and fresh as possible, The Idaho Foodbank is working with Ample Harvest, a free online service that connects gardeners with food relief organizations. Simply visit the website (, click on “Find a Pantry Near You”, and then type in your zipcode. You’ll see a list of pantries in your area, all waiting to accept your donation of fresh produce. Tell your friends and tell your neighbors, and plant a little extra for those who need it!