Saturday, August 7, 2010

huckleberry fine

mccall is full of huckleberries. and they are definitely huckleberries, not blueberries. i went on a nice hike and picked berries for about two hours, which shockingly only yielded a pound of berries. it takes so long. my friend andrea goes up to northern idaho with her mom in late summer every year, they camp out and pick huckleberries for weeks...i have new respect for what she does, i had no idea what slow work it was.

i got to see the northern lights! wednesday i went down to the river in the middle of the night and i could see waves of light sweeping across part of the sky. i was expecting to see bright clouds of colorful light but it came in flashes rather than clouds. it’s so wonderfully dark in mccall--there’s practically no light pollution, and it takes about two minutes to walk to a place where there are no street lights or house lights. on a clear night the sky is breathtaking.

in the garden i completely missed the poppies, but i got to see the very end of the peonies:

and delphinium:

and daisies:

the herbs are doing great, but the hops don’t look like much this year:

so many lovely wildflowers.


GoneferalinID said...

Our delphinium bloomed once in early June and that was it. It's still alive, but hasn't grown or done anything. Hmm, maybe I have another Friday Failure post. Awesome about the northern lights, I looked, but it is too bright in town, even at midnight.

Emily said...

that's too bad about the delphinium, i'm sorry. my parents looked for the lights here too and couldn't see them--my dad is obsessed with night sky phenomena, he told me to call him in the middle of the night if i could see the lights, so i did. he was so jealous.