Friday, August 13, 2010

garden fail friday: too wild.

back in spring when i was planning the garden layout, i designated a small corner of the yard “wild area”--i wasn’t going to prepare or amend the soil, weed it or water it, i’d just scatter some seeds and see what grew. i planted borage, quinoa, calendula, sunflowers, pole peas and alfalfa. what grew? weeds. grasses. nothing else. granted i wasn’t trying very hard, but i expected at least *some* good plants to grow. the only success in that corner is a white currant tomato plant, but even that is small and stunted thanks to the competition from weeds. it frustrates me that this failed because i hate to have unused, usable space. i could’ve squeezed in like four more tomato plants over there. it also sucks because that was the only place i put a lot of those plants (quinoa, calendula, alfalfa) so now i’m not growing those at all. annoying fail.

yay more fail!

gone feral in idaho


GoneferalinID said...

Ugh, how annoying. I wonder how the weeds took over? They're probably just more aggressive that the cultivars.

We didn't have any major problems with the storm, a couple of sunflowers are a little crooked, but we moved the bucket tomatoes next to the fence, so they didn't topple over again. We lucked out.

Emily said...

yeah you did! i'm glad you didn't have much trouble. one of my caged tomatoes is still leaning to the side at about a 60-degree angle, and i don't think i'll be able to right it unless i rig a secondary support system.