Friday, August 27, 2010

my tour de fat costume

last year i didn't dress up for tour de fat and i felt pretty stupid. this year i put a costume together last-minute, the night before, because august 21 completely snuck up on me. so i drew on some fancy facial hair, painted my lips bright pink, looped homemade swirly earrings through my ears, put my hair up in side buns and a scarf then stuck curly dollar-store hair extensions out of each side (pink on the left, purple on the right...purple jumped ship at some point during the festivities, i hope someone found it and added it to their costume.)

i also wore this pink pleather bike applique circle skirt i made for my first tour de fat (2007), with a black petticoat and some houndstooth leggings underneath. i'm a little disappointed in myself because i didn't go all-out genderfuck like before. the grotesquely huge fake boobs and semi-realistic facial hair really made my costume in 2008.


Holly said...

wow I have no idea what tour de fat is...sounds interesting/fun

GoneferalinID said...

I so remember you from 2007! Ha!

Emily said...

oh how funny! what was your costume? maybe i can remember you too...or i could consult my photos from that year, maybe i have a picture of you!