Wednesday, November 17, 2010

buy nothing day, november 26

this is really exciting...there’s an anti-capitalism rally downtown on “black friday.” free vegan picnic! priceless flea market! anti-capitalist bike ride! zombie tag! FREE VEGAN PICNIC!!! AAHH!

here’s a description from the website:

We are a network of activists organizing a Carnivalesque Rebellion that will shut down consumer capitalism for a week.

The climax of our efforts is Buy Nothing Day, a 24-hour moratorium on consumer spending, celebrated November 26th in North America and November 27th Internationally.

Grab campaign resources and ideas at

check out the bottom of the adbusters page, read the description of “whirl-mart.” holy crap i want to do that. the “zombie walk” sounds fun too, but what could be better than prancing around walmart in a conga line of empty shopping carts? NOTHING. nothing could be better than that. the only downside is that i couldn’t participate in it and photograph it at the same time.

here’s a link to the meetup site where you can look up the celebration nearest you.

value everything. buy nothing. i am so on board.


GoneferalinID said...

I always thought it was nuts that people get up at 6 am to go shopping, fighting crowds, all for some crappy discount. My time is worth more than that and we make our presents for family.

Emily said...

i know, i can't even imagine. it's pretty disgusting how serious some people are about camping out and trampling one another to buy shit they don't need.