Friday, November 12, 2010

one trick pony

jason and i went to the BSU art students’ senior exhibit tonight. such a great time. and it made me realize that i’ve been away from school long enough now that i miss it and could easily go back at this point. it was cool getting to see a few people i had classes with (there’s a lot of crossover between the art and english departments). it felt so familiar and fun being there.

our friend liz was exhibiting her work, “Eat me, Drink me, Love me, Abuse me, Shock me, Thrill me, Fool me, Devour me.” i love the facial expressions and the motion and energy of the piece.

here’s her artist statement.

and here’s lovely liz looking ultra-cute as always.

j’s friend willow was also exhibiting. her piece is “The Spectator’s Feast”--very captivating. the artist statement is a must-read:

here’s a closer look:

a few more things that caught my eye...

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