Saturday, November 27, 2010

frosty shenanigans

munchie put on his “muscle beach” sweater pretties.

“hey...hey lady...”

“you got tickets to the gun show?”

“aww yeah.”

meet melisende “millie” feuille.

like most snowpeople, she gets around by tricycle.

millie is worried that all this early snow is going to melt, so with a solemn attentiveness she continually watches the sky for indications of a warming trend.

it wasn’t my intention to build an emo snowperson, but her profound existential panic and seasonal affective disorder have thrown millie into a regrettable phase « qui ne peut pas être soulevé comme le couvercle d'un oeil. » (her words, not mine.) « j’ai froid, je pleure de la neige. »

this kinky ice sculpture formed in the pond by my front door. what kind of frog gets its kicks like that?


Seglare said...

Millie looks like a fine lady. I wish we got a thaw so I could make a snowman or two as well (now the temperature is constantly below zero celsius - not very cold, but still too cold to form any kind of snow sculptures). :) The frog sculpture is formed in the pond quite hilarious as well!

More than anything, however, I loved the pictures of your dog - he is adorable! What breed is he?
I miss my dog so much specially this time of year, as he always loved the first snow: even last year, when he was very old, he got all wild when, one morning, he discovered the ground was white. :)

Emily said...

your dog sounds so very sweet. andy is some kind of corgi mix, i think. definitely a mutt.

Jessica said...

Flirty little dogs, French-speaking emo snowladies who ride tricycles, and a kinky frog!!!! I love it!

geekette said...

i <3 andy :)

so...i decided to just combine all of my blogs into one...imported my old posts and deleted the old ones...sorry! :) i'm such a pain...

Emily said...

hehe, thanks jessica!

goodness gracious spoony, this has to be your seventh new blog, at least. combining is a good idea though!