Thursday, November 18, 2010

it gets better: LGBTQIA rally, march and vigil

last tuesday’s event was part of the national “it gets better”/“make it better” movements, a response to the recent increase in anti-LGBTQI bullying that results in suicide.

it started with a rally at the capitol steps. more and more people joined as the evening went on, and ultimately there were around 150 attendees.

KTVB had great coverage of the event on their news at 10. of course, it doesn’t look so good next to the current “News Video” headline directly to the right, “Woman accused of giving fake breast exams is a transgender”. i watched that story on the news too and the way they’re covering it makes me cringe. ugh, idaho.

after the rally we marched down capitol boulevard and along the river to the BSU campus. we even had a police escort who shut down streets while we crossed--it was like being at pride only in cold weather and darkness. bizarro pride.

the organizers handed out candles once we reached the quad.

there was a brief speech and a reading of names of LGBTQI youth who recently killed themselves after being bullied, followed by a moment of silence. then the floor was opened to anyone who wanted to share their experiences.

a few people talked about having been bullied, or having been bullies themselves. others shared messages of hope and love and optimism. it was a very intimate and beautiful vigil.


GoneferalinID said...

That story about the transgendered person that did the fake breast exams really ticked me off. She is a creep, it has nothing to do if she is transgendered. Why was that such a big deal? Also, what idiot would let a stranger feel them up at a bar?

Emily said...

no kidding! the whole thing is ridiculous. and if the media is going to make such a huge deal out of her being trans they should at least talk about the issues faced by transgender people in detention facilities--they mentioned she spent time in a men's prison but didn't say a word about the horrible, sometimes life-threatening situations MTF and FTM inmates face, from the high rates of assault and rape to inability to continue hormone treatment and other clear violations of the eighth amendment. that's really the only valid information anyone could report on the gender angle of the story. but no, idaho media companies are seven year olds. "eww, she has a penis and she dresses like a girl and she touched boobies!" seriously, shameful. i hope everyone involved with that story gets the help they need.