Friday, April 3, 2009

to melt

i procured some colored vinyl for the purposes of repurposing. it's all very terrible music, so no one needs worry about waste...the world is better off without such recordings.

i also found a couple old clocks at a thrift store that i'm going to take apart so that i can turn some of the 12"s into clocks. at least one of them is going to be a partially-melted "dali-style" record clock that oozes off the corner of a shelf. anything that doesn't become a clock might either be a bowl or, if i'm feeling ambitious, a record purse, although those take time to make.

there are 5 45s in blue, red, green, clear and yellow that will probably become wee little bowls or something, unless i can get a jewler's saw or figure out some other way to cut them precisely, in which case i'll make pendants. all my efforts to slice shapes into a record using my dad's insane arsenal of tools resulted in naught but the maiming of a deep purple album that deeply deserved it.
this fisher-price portable record player is so damn cool. it's not even a thrift store or ebay find--i'm the original owner, and i'm so glad i took good care of my toys as a kid.

part of its good shape owes to the fact that i didn't ever use it much, except once. i don't know if this was a common thing back in the day, but one time my parents got a magazine that had a tear-out page that was a record. it was rectangular just like a regular page and made out of very thin black vinyl. the recording was like a fake old-timey detective radio show type thing, but it was an advertisement for something. i must have listened to it fifty times on my fisher-price turntable. i wish i still had it.

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