Saturday, April 10, 2010

mollusk whose breast is a cannibal dynamo!

the creek bed in the backyard filled with water on thursday. it’s still only about halfway full, and cluttered with detritus washed down from the miles of bed that sat dry since last fall. all sorts of objects drift by--in the last two days i’ve noticed a wiffle ball, what looked like a medical ID bracelet, lots of flowers, a long bamboo stalk that i fished out to use as a plant support...most interesting, though, were the creatures i found clinging to a wrinkled old leaf. i picked up the leaf because i liked its coloring and thought it would be good for pictures.

when i looked closer i saw water bugs, snails, and...teensie tiny clams.

who knew boise had clams? i sure as hell never thought of it. i mean, i knew of the existence of freshwater clams, but for some reason i never considered they might live here. it was a pretty exciting surprise.

i spent almost all day doing yard work again. i finished clearing the bank of the creek (leaving the areas where native grasses and other plants need to remain in position to prevent erosion), and in another spot of the yard i got rid of a bunch of rocks and clayey soil and started working in amendments.

my first pea and spinach sprouts came up from the ground today, and i planted pak choi, a mix of colorful heirloom carrots, “sexy mama” collard greens and chioggia beets. also i put in a dwarf blueberry plant and some table grapes.

yesterday i picked up a handful of new writing assignments, including a piece that requires i attend this fancy-shmancy art gala/auction and take photos. i had no idea it was so fancy when i said i’d are $150 per person. that intimidates me. i don’t think i’ll know anyone there, but probably a lot of the attendees will know my mom, and i can’t decide if that makes it better or worse. what do you even talk about with people at these sorts of functions? i’m so socially inept sometimes, especially when i’m way outside of my comfort zone. i’m not cut out for fancy.

i’m super-ultra-mega excited for another of my new assignments. when i was talking to c (editor) i randomly started babbling on about heirloom tomatoes, not even meaning to pitch a story. she jumped on it, told me to stop talking and start writing. she became even more excited when i mentioned my idea for an heirloom tomato portrait project. five minutes later i had a contract for 1200 words + photos due in december. normally i don't do this, but i started outlining and making notes immediately, even though i can’t write the story until i’ve actually had the experience of growing heirlooms. my tomatoes better grow or i’ll be pissed off in so many ways.

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JJ Beazley said...

Oh dear, now you're shaming me. My bits of gardening at the moment are just that - bits. Must get down to it. Nice about the critter finds.