Thursday, April 1, 2010

toy drop # 1

on tuesday bethany and i did our first toy drops for the toy society. she brought her kids to boise and the four of us made a day of it--we went to the new north end organic nursery and picked up some seeds, to shangri-la for tea, then to hyde park for shopping and to leave our toys. the weather was hardly cooperative--it was raining most of the day, and for a while it actually snowed! the weather’s been kind of nasty all week. clouds have been gorgeous though.

bethany left her cute little sock doll on a sign outside of an old castle-like church that’s the future site of trica, a children’s arts school:

and i dropped sir gandolfo higginscotch on a bench outside the hyde park used book store:

i hope someone finds them soon! i have two more toys ready to drop as soon as the weather improves. one of them is too big to put in a plastic bag so i have to wait for very dry, safe weather.


JJ Beazley said...

You do nice things. Makes up for the sci-fi tomatoes, I suppose. I hope the toys have a good home by now.

Jessica said...

funny, i was thinking about you and your toy drops yesterday, because the neighbor kids love to come by and visit our chickens. the youngest girl picked me a tulip bud yesterday, and i thanked her but told her i like my flowers unpicked. it's hard to explain that to a little one who doesn't understand growth and death. so i was thinking of giving them a tomato plant or something to take care of and grow in a container themselves this summer.

not to boast my horticultural ignorance, but can you identify the last three photos for me?

Emily said...

heh, i can try...the third from last i have no idea, they’re a tiny wild plant (about an inch tall) that produces miniscule white flowers. i saw them covering a bed of lava rock in my neighbor’s yard. the second from last are baby bleeding hearts, and the bottom is a variety of hyacinth, both blooming in my front yard.

it is difficult when kids pick flowers, isn’t it? or when they play with bugs or small animals that could easily be killed from mishandling. you want to encourage them to love nature and be curious, and hands-on is the best way, but they’re such destructive little creatures.

Jessica said...

I thought the last two were bleeding hearts and hyacinth but wasn't sure. That green plant is so delicate and sweet!

be said...

oh yay! that was so much fun!
i love that picture of za btw. :)