Monday, July 5, 2010

alterations and revelations

i decided to rename my blog. no more utopian earwax. no more plain header with bewildering blog name that bears no relevance to anything, and still makes me laugh...i don’t think i ever explained where that title came from. years ago i wrote a list of absurd compliments--one of them was “i could lose my keys in your utopian earwax.” later i strung together some of the others to make a love poem:

I present to you the slimy greenish discharge of my love:
I would fill a decanter with chunks of ink just for a taste of your sedentary facial hair.
Your leaking thumb sinks the Dead Sea into fits of bulimia.
Tenderness rumbles in your phlegm with every sparkling cough.
Lust for your chest hair compels me to bite the heads off animal cookies.
Your tooth-marks bludgeon my soul.
The sun mourns seagulls the way I drool over your test-tube corpuscles.
My kidneys leap at the sound of your bulging squirrel.
It is with belligerence that I recall being pummeled by your radical oxen.
I am unfettered by the glossy arteries you represent.
Your gargantuan breath is the levanter of my enamel.
Rocks are but sullen, frog-nosed barriers compared to your gurgling undulations.
If God wore cupcakes they would taste like your blood.
Each time I see your cauterized nose my genitals convulse with laughter.
I am spurned by the potent wing of your jargon.
The muffled curve of your left eyebrow is pathologically decadent.
My wanton whiskers seek the comfort of your Technicolor whore.

so, there it is. hello your apples are my oranges. hello pleasant new header with blog name that’s still a little weird and bears slightly more relevance to everything.


Holly said...

Reminds me of Mad Libs

GoneferalinID said...

New name, same great content. Funny, I was thinking of doing the same myself.

Jessica said...

Love the new look!

be said...

love love LOVE!

burbangardener said...

Great work, thanks for adding some color to my day!!

Burban Gardener