Friday, July 9, 2010

garden fail friday: yes! we have no banana peppers.

last year i grew four sweet banana pepper plants that produced more peppers than i could eat. the plants didn’t look great at first, but once the weather really warmed up, they took off. that would give me hope, except i don’t think they ever looked as not great as this:

it’s been about this peaked since the beginning of june. the weather’s been warm for a while now. fail.
yay more fail!
here's one from jessica at raindrop tea.


GoneferalinID said...

What happened to that plant? Did bugs eat it? Wow, sorry about the fail. Spectacular. I'll have to join in next week.

Emily said...

hahaha, that's probably one thing that happened to it. i honestly don't know what its problem was. it looked so nice as a seedling, then i put it outside and the leaves went yellow, then they turned green again, then they started curling, some of them dropped's just a really sad, sickly little thing, but i keep hoping it will make a miraculous recovery.

JJ Beazley said...

I grew four pepper plants from seed this year. Last year's got eaten by something or other, so this year I kept them in pots on a high shelf in the greenhouse. They're very slow - the first one is just getting flowers - but they look healthy enough.

Emily said...

must be nice having a greenhouse...i have half a dozen other pepper plants and all but one of them are getting nibbled pretty well. mine are growing slowly too. you should write a post about your garden one of these days, what you're growing and harvesting and all that. i'm curious.