Sunday, July 25, 2010

ripeness 2x!

after what seems like a million decades...first two ripe tomatoes, a yellow pear and a white currant. delicious! it'll be quite a while before any of the large tomatoes mature, but the little ones are about to start rolling in like crazy so i'll be satisfied...i prefer smaller ones for eating. larger ones are better for photography, though.


Vetsy said...

" Preeetttty!

camillap said...

Beautiful. Don't you just love the smell of tomato plants too? I am, however, quite jealous. My toms are still bright green and very small (and that is after quite a hot month), and they most likely won't ripen at least until September... :-(

GoneferalinID said...

Great photo! I just got to eat my first one raw. It rocked! Sounds like we are neck and neck now for the great tomato ripen-off!

I have a backlog of Garden Fail Fridays, can I use you opening pic if I link to you?

Emily said...

thanks, vetsy!

camilla--absolutely, tomato plants are one of my favorite scents. i've even rubbed the leaves on myself to try to use it as a perfume, but the smell doesn't linger long. i hope you get some toms soon--i'm sending ripening vibes in your direction.

goneferal--i'm SO happy for you that you like tomatoes now! i guess our small tomatoes are about the same maturity, but your large ones are still waaay ahead of mine.

and re: GFF, oh yes, please do! once you post them i'll link back to you too on my most recent fail post.

Jessica said...

Yay! I'm so happy for you and your first, adorable, delicious tomatoes! I am salivating with joy, heheh!