Sunday, July 4, 2010

june garden retrospective, views of the city, and munchie

i looked back at photos from a month ago and was shocked to see how much growth happened in the month of june. here are some befores and afters:

june 4

july 1

june 3

july 1

june 2

july 3. still small, but a big difference.

bush beans that were ^this^ big on june 2...

are now up to my knees. they opened some blossoms yesterday, which i think means 1-2 weeks until harvest.

the most monstrous mater megabloom opened this week. if it doesn’t set fruit i’ll be devastated.

mystery tomato update: they’re small, somewhat pear-shaped, with a nipple on the blossom end. the plant itself is long and wispy rather than thick and bushy like most. any guesses?

i pulled a few test carrots this was orange and full sized, the other two were white and about half the width.

it’s going to be tricky figuring out when to pull these--i planted a blend of six heirloom carrots and apparently they don’t all mature at the same time.

the strawberries are still coming out in slightly freaky shapes. i wonder if it might be because i’m not great at keeping them watered.

my wheat experiment is starting to look like wheat rather than just grass.

borage is about to bloom.

the first female zucchini flower opened today--the one day i don’t have a single male flower, of course. so, barring virgin conception, this one will not become a zucchini.

i met jason in the park the other day and we walked to the top of camel’s back.

does anyone know what this plant might be?

we spotted it on the way up the hill. the most likely candidate i can find in my i.d. books is scorpion weed. i took home some seeds to try growing.

today i took pictures along the river. all that rain i was griping about earlier in the season has made for some lush vegetation.

by special request, here’s some munchie.


GoneferalinID said...

What a cutie pie. I think your mystery tomato is a roma or paste type.

Emily said...

hmm, yeah that's what i thought too at first, but they're so small...they're about one inch long at full size. it occurred to me today that maybe they're a cross, possibly between an opalka (or something similar) and some really small tomato variety.

be said...

my tomato is all weepy and wispy too! i bet they are related!

Emily said...

i hope so! i’d love if we had tomato cousins.