Thursday, April 9, 2009

color in your cheeks

75. it was seventy-five degrees on tuesday. oh my goodness. the only bad thing was that it was crazy windy...especially after dark, like when i was trying to ride my bike home and the headwind was so strong i actually had to get off and walk for a while. but it was a warm wind. i also stopped on the path for a few minutes next to a really fragrant blooming bush that i couldn't get enough of--the wind was blowing it right in my face, and the nearly-full moon was sparkling on the river, and i felt like i could just die right there.

it was kinda funny, on my way to school i was listening to an audiobook of moby dick...i was gliding along with a fabulous tailwind, nose to the air breathing everything in, completely enjoying myself on this gorgeous sunny day...and listening to captain ahab rant about "this lovely light, it lights not me; all loveliness is anguish to me..."

it was pretty beautiful out today too. the nicer the weather the less i care about school. just over a month left...

i got a new camera today...used olympus stylus. it's not the greatest but it was cheap and it takes pictures underwater! it's waterproof to 10 feet. and it's just a wee little point and shoot guy, so i can bring it everywhere, but i'm guessing it's only going to be good for snapshots.

i'm so happy it's my weekend! i have a ton of things to do, but they're mostly fun tomorrow i'm going to tea with my friend bethany, then to a poetry reading, then sometime i need to put together my documentary podcast about trashpicking (which katherine helped me with TREMENDOUSLY by being the best interviewee ever), and there will doubtless be much gardening and making of monsters. and blogging, my gosh. i have been kind of obsessed with this thing lately.

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