Saturday, April 4, 2009

pretty spring day

i totally took advantage of the lovely weather today. my mom and i put our first load of grossness into the new compost tumbler:

she scrounged some of my hair out of the garbage for composting, which is really hilarious because she’s so grossed out by how much i shed and how much of my hair ends up all over the place. she told me, “i looked in your garbage, and it was like a gold mine!”

my dad was like, “i’m not eating anything that grew out of hair and dryer lint.” i’m more grossed out by the food waste—hair and dryer lint don’t smell bad or get your hands dirty. we also put in a bunch of shredded newspaper, an old cabbage, lots of coffee grounds, tea bags, leaves, and a ton of vegetable and fruit pieces that my mom’s been saving in the freezer for a couple weeks in anticipation of the tumbler’s arrival. she had me photo document the whole process because she wants to write an article about her first time composting and send it to mother earth news.

we also set up the new mini-greenhouse with all the plants we’ve accumulated so far. it works really well, after less than an hour it was quite warm inside and all fogged up with humidity. if it fits i might put my orchid in there for a while to enjoy the moistness.

i’m on my own taking care of the compost and plants and whatnot for a couple weeks because my mom’s leaving for australia tomorrow. i’m insanely jealous. she’s staying with my aunt in surfer’s paradise.

after gardening i rode my bike over to my friend bethany’s new place downtown. it’s so good to have her back in boise! when i got there she and dean were figuring out how to make their own herbal cigarettes. xaria tried to help, mostly by handing me flinders of herbs.

then we went out for a walk. xaria loves the sock monkey i made. she calls her “tilda”:

she also completely loves the horn on my bike.

we walked down to the river.

then i came home and andy helped me photograph one of my new monsters:

i actually made a template for this monster so i can make a bunch of them. both of these have different patterned duck cloth on the back. next time i might make one that has a face on both sides.

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Laurie said...

You have a great eye for photography - very impressive.
Best wishes
Laurie (England)