Thursday, April 16, 2009

monk-she goes to australia

my mom came home from australia today. she took some pictures of the sock monkey i made my aunt--at first nancy named her "she monkey," but then decided on "monk-she." pictured above in brisbane; below, at the san francisco airport, qantas plane in the background.

above, with friends at my aunt's house in surfer's paradise; below, taking over a hotel bed in brisbane.

my parents have again offered to send me on a trip after graduation. i wasn't going to push the idea after my mom lost her job, because even though they have plenty of money they're also plenty tight with it, especially in anxious times...which is probably why they have plenty. but since they renewed the offer i think i'll go for it. i'm trying to decide between three places: hawaii, belize, or australia.

each place has advantages and disadvantages...i'm familiar with hawaii and i love it there, plus i wouldn't have to bother with a passport; in australia i have free boarding and transportation with my aunt and uncle, whom i haven't seen since i was a kid; and belize would just be so goddamn cool. all three would be very long plane rides, and anywhere i go it might be a challenge to get enough of the right vegan foods. australia poses a danger because i'm smart enough to know that a lot of the insects and animals are poisonous but may not be strong enough to resist playing with them. i'd rather go someplace i haven't been a bunch of times, even though i love hawaii. i'm really leaning towards belize. i've been pretty stuck on the idea of going there ever since i watched a travel documentary about it a year ago or so.

wherever i decide to go i'll get some fabulous opportunities to use the new underwater camera! photography is such a huge motivator for me to want to travel. when i was looking through my mom's travel photos it made me itch...i mean, i can always find great things to take pictures of here in boise, but it doesn't even compare to tropical areas.

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