Sunday, April 12, 2009

jawsome blossoms

this day has been so fabulous! so many flowers are in bloom!

i spent half the day gardening and the other half taking pictures. i planted two rows of peas and a row of carrots, then filled a mini-greenhouse tray with cucumbers, lettuce, spinach, oregano...and a ton of other things i can't even remember now. i also started red peppers in little pots.

my bike ride was overwhelming. i was getting so overstimulated by the gorgeousness of everything that it was actually slightly uncomfortable at times. in some cases there was too much beauty to capture in a normal photo so i had to make some panoramas...

i really super enjoy vertical panoramas.

no leaves on the trees by the river yet...getting close though.

this ladybug was taking a drink of water out of this flower:

the way these blooms bunch together reminds me of fancy pink-dyed poodle tails:

first butterfly picture of the year:

a big happy bumble bee! it didn't stick around long enough for me to get a good picture. probably because i was trying to pick it up. it was so huge and cuddly looking.

i adore tulip magnolias. their insides look so tropical, like they belong in hawaii. certainly not in idaho, anyway.

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Balutakat said...

I love life with you in it.