Wednesday, April 29, 2009

come to our art sale!

i'm not totally sure who all reads this blog aside from the usual suspects, but...anyone who sees this who lives in boise should come visit my gender studies service learning group at the farmer's market this saturday! perhaps you are a stranger who follows my blog and is looking forward to meeting up with me, perchance to steal a lock of my hair or to stab me or's your opportunity! this is where i'll be from 9am to 2pm on saturday, may 2! internet stalkers rejoice!

i don't know what everyone else in my group is selling, but here's a list of a few things i'm bringing to the table. i'll try to post some pictures between now and saturday.

-magnets and postcards of a photo from boise pride '08
-matted 8x10 photos
-record bowls
-recycled pendant necklaces
-rainbow awareness ribbons
-possibly some wood pieces and a canvas bag or two
-anything else i can scrape together before saturday

so, obviously it's pretty much crucial that you come by our booth and spend lots of money on our fabulous "suggested minimum donation" wares. SMD because we don't want to have to deal with sales tax, but if anyone tries to low-ball us i will personally shoot daggers out of my eyes and slice them up into tiny shameful pieces. it will all be very reasonably priced anyway--tons of stuff under $10, some of it only $1. we'll also be handing out a brochure our group put together, diversity magazines, tons of literature from TCC and other organizations, and free condoms! be there!

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