Wednesday, June 2, 2010

and a parsnip and a pear tree

today i broke out of my sickness and gardened with a vengeance. i planted a dozen tomatoes, five sweet peppers, four golden zucchini, two watermelons, two dwarf sunflowers and a yellow crookneck squash.

the grand total of tomatoes in their final growing places is now up to 20: 4 paul robesons, 3 chocolate cherries, 2 white currants, 2 ladybugs, 2 sugaries, 1 big rainbow, 6 mysteries. all but one of the mysteries are from an heirloom blend, the seeds came mixed together so i won’t know what i have until they set fruit.

the rest of the tomatoes will probably have to go in containers. i sewed a big fabric pot today, with canvas outer and water-resistant ripstop nylon inner, and drainage holes in the bottom. it doesn’t have a plant in it yet because i ran out of potting soil:

the weather was warm, humid and drizzly all day, with more rain predicted for the next couple days. i love it when there’s no wind, when everything else is quiet and i can hear thousands of tiny raindrops hitting the surface of the creek. it sounds like electricity.


GoneferalinID said...

Thanks for checkin' out my blog and you ARE a heck of a photographer!

Emily said...

you're welcome and thank you!