Saturday, June 12, 2010

highway 55, jubey-style

on the drive up to mccall we passed a lot of beautiful scenery, cool clouds/lighting, and the highest/fastest/roilingest water i’ve ever seen in the payette river. hands full of steering wheel and thus unable to shoot photos myself, i was twitching and itching like a crackhead so i asked reed to grab a camera out of my backpack.

i tried very hard to use him as an extension of my shutter finger, and he tried very hard to satisfy my demands...most of the time it went something like this:

me: get ready...
he: ok...
me: *pointing* GET IT GET IT GET IT GET IT!
he: AAAHH! *click* ...nope.

we were laughing and screaming and getting all frantic. he encouraged me to write a post about his inadequacy, with evidentiary photographs, but actually quite a few of the photos he took turned out wonderful. even the blurry crazy ones have a charm to them.

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